Zen Estate

Real Estate

Completed 2021.
Client: Project 360
Agency: Kholab Agency | Temuge, Hien Nguyen, Tammy Nguyen.

●Brand concept lead

The Global 360 Group is on a mission to give POWER to the individual to transform their own lives and community. They were founded with the vision of touching the lives of others and making a positive change. Getting things done for good is more than a motto, it is our driving vision.

In joint collaboration between Projects 360° and Health 360°, the Global 360° group presents the Zen Estate, an exciting development investment opportunity in the heart of Rouse Hill.  The homes within the Zen Estate will be built by Projects 360° and will offer an unparalleled balance of style, scale and affordability unrivalled in the local market. The end result provides an excellent lifestyle for home buyers, and a return on investment for potential investors. 

Zen Estate is another real estate with the spirit of zen as an element that needs to be blended into the overall identity. Therefore, the visual identity of the rotating circle is also the distinct natural atmosphere of the Zen Estate real estate. Color is also an important factor considered to show the location of the Zen Estate, the quality as well as the peaceful atmosphere created by the refined facilities here.

zen estate slides
zen estate slides
zen estate slides
zen estate slides
zen estate slides
zen estate slides

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