One Mount AR Exhibition | Key Achivement 2022

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The Peaks
One Mount is a comprehensive technological ecosystem, utilizing technology to support the growth of Vietnam so they made has always been about promoting creativity and application of technology to emphasize its vision/mission. Through this exhibition, they want to emphasize the above message by transforming One Mount's proud achievements and impressive figures into eye-catching drawings. In addition, they will also use AR technology to impress our audience, which is also a metaphor for their story of using technology to support the development of Vietnamese people. Achievements such as business activities of OMC, OMRE or human resources awards are contributing to the development of the Group as well as the economy of Vietnam. Illustration: Nu Nguyễn | Motion: Hiệp Hoàng | Photos: One Mount

Midnight In The Mangroves Exhibition

 Illustration artworks

The Mangroves Story
Midnight In The Mangroves Exhibition is a non-profit exhibition that combines the art of photography with knowledge of mangroves. It demonstrates the close relationship between arts and education in the community by focusing on the environment and climate. The exhibition presents Chiron Duong's imagination of the unique spiritual world, based on indigenous stories. The illustrations were created to illustrate Mangrove's Ecosystem roles. Artwork is a viewer-friendly approach to achieve the goal of easy-to-understand and best-conveying information. Hence, the style of expression is different from the work of the exhibition but still evokes the spirit of mythology well imaginative and impressive. Illustration: Nu Nguyễn | Motion: Hiệp Hoàng
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01 Illus

Xôn Xao In Saigon AR Graphic Exhibition

 Illustration artworks

The combination | Surroundings | The resonance | Listen! Listen!
(1) The combination: Whispering is not a language you can turn on to hear or turn off when you don't want to. It's the synthesis of all the things around, from each person's point of view, is it the sound of chopsticks hitting the bowl of a bowl when your mother is whisking eggs, or it's the rustle of the dog scratching its head at your feet. ... The tumult is all you feel if there is no commotion, perhaps we will have the feeling that we are in the white room. (2) Surroundings: Sometimes our balance comes from re-observing our surroundings, bringing everything back to neutral, where there must be a sense of ambiguity. Here, everything is very ordinary, seen without color and brought to a condensed, sometimes sketchy, things that I myself cannot define. Sometimes a commotion is an agglomeration of the things around us, meaningful or meaningless. (3) The resonance: If you consider commotion as sound, interference is indispensable in sound. Not wanting to delve into sound waves or the like, this is a visual crossover, with all the materials from the real world. Maybe the things you hear come from places, things you can't see but can only feel and imagine. (4) Listen! Listen!: By listening to surroundings is listening to the inner me. Artwork: Nu Nguyễn | Motion: Ngọc Thanh Tân

Nu Nguyen—©

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