Eternal Bloom
Tet Gift Box

●Packaging design
●Production supervision

ETERNAL BLOOM - A gift box for every new year. 

A gift box for every new year - Eternal Bloom was carried out in the last months of the year 2020 with the desire to honour the pure beauty of flowers and spread a cheerful spirit for a new year's start. According to Vietnamese tradition, having a box of jam to serve to guests and flowers displayed around the house is indispensable in every Vietnamese family on spring days, and this is also the main idea for this Tet gift box. By using modern stylized pictures of blooming flowers and New Year's greetings as the main motifs to design the gift box, we consider it a blessing of happiness and luck. In addition, this gift box also has a high value for health, inside the box are placed four types of nuts (cashew, maca, almonds and pistachios) that are completely natural and contain many nutrients. We collected them from the most reputable suppliers.

The material of the gift box is a gorgeous highlight; almost the entire structure of Eternal Bloom is made of clear mica, creating purity and clarity. The gift box will be wrapped with a silk scarf to facilitate preservation and transportation, as well as avoid dust.

The most special thing about Eternal Bloom is that we have removed all elements that evoke a specific year such as the image of 2021 or a buffalo, with the hope that after using this gift box to contain nuts to serve to the guests during Tet holiday, people will put it away and wait for the next year to reuse, just like a tradition. This is the core meaning of the name we give this gift box - Eternal Bloom.

Completed 2020
Art Direction & Graphic:
 Nu Nguyễn, Todd Huỳnh.
Project management: Emmy Tran Chau
Production supervision: Todd Huynh, Nu Nguyen
Photos: Chiron Duong


Nu Nguyen—©

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