Coffee Roaster

Completed 2020.
Client: AA Coffee
Art direction:  Nu Nguyễn, Todd Huỳnh
Project manager: Emmy Nguyễn.
Photo: Aramour

●Packaging concept

Aramour Coffee Roaster is a Vietnamese coffee brand with the desire to bring users coffee products from nature, especially in the highlands of Vietnam. Aramour, besides in-depth research processes on product quality, also wants to create opportunities for potential Vietnamese coffee products to reach Vietnamese and international customers.

After realizing AA Coffee's vision and desire, the packaging design is explored to increase customers' feelings for the packaging through the cut-of-the-mountain illustration that directly evokes the product's origin. The best part of designing after exploring the illustration is finding illustration colors, the colors depend much on the feeling of taste (and aftertaste) of the coffee flavors. At that stone, we worked together sticky with clients and customers to find out the best sets of colors for each falvor. Besides, product images and nature images are combined and soft processed to blend into one under the hand-drawn natural line graphic style. The infographic of the packaging is also arranged in accordance with the brand identity elements of the time and is easy to develop into different sizes of packaging.


Nu Nguyen—©

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